Winter  2022 LJTC Teams
Women's 3.5 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Tuesday's

Captain : Carol Warfield

Women's 4.0 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Friday's

Captain: Terri Bourne

Women's 4.0 USTA League

Day of Play: Wednesday

Captain: Terri Bourne

Women's 4.5 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Thursday's

Captain : Thanh Huyen 

Women's 4.5 USTA 40+ League

Day of Play: Tuesday's

Captain : Kristen Walker 

USTA 9.0 Mixed Doubles 18 and over

Day of Play: Saturdays 12 pm

Captain: Albert Nguyen 


LJTC is proud to have several teams at various levels for both women, men and mixed leagues.  If you are interested in joining a team or starting a team contact the club Manager or the captains directly.  All team players must be current club members.  

Other Area Leagues

USTA offers many opportunities to play singles, doubles & mixed leagues.

Area Coordinator: Randie Lettington

SD Women's Leagues

SD League offers women's doubles teams in the fall & winter seasons

Area Coordinator: EileenCarol 

World Team Tennis 

The Format features co-ed teams competing in six sets-Women's and Men's doubles, mixed and singles.  Includes no add scoring & coaching.

Area Coordinator: Carol Jory