Winter  2022 LJTC Teams
Women's 3.5 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Tuesday's

Captain : Carol Warfield

Women's 4.0 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Friday's

Captain: Terri Bourne

Women's 4.0 USTA League

Day of Play: Wednesday

Captain: Terri Bourne

Women's 4.5 San Diego Local League

Day of Play: Thursday's

Captain : Thanh Huyen 

Women's 4.5 USTA 40+ League

Day of Play: Tuesday's

Captain : Kristen Walker 

USTA 9.0 Mixed Doubles 18 and over

Day of Play: Saturdays 12 pm

Captain: Albert Nguyen 


LJTC is proud to have several teams at various levels for both women, men and mixed leagues.  If you are interested in joining a team or starting a team contact the club Manager or the captains directly.  All team players must be current club members.  

Click here for league rules.

Other Area Leagues

USTA offers many opportunities to play singles, doubles & mixed leagues.

Area Coordinator: Randie Lettington

SD Women's Leagues

SD League offers women's doubles teams in the fall & winter seasons

Area Coordinator: EileenCarol 

World Team Tennis 

The Format features co-ed teams competing in six sets-Women's and Men's doubles, mixed and singles.  Includes no add scoring & coaching.

Area Coordinator: Carol Jory