Board of Directors

2022 Board Meetings

January 11th

March 8th

May 10th

July 12th

September 6th

November 8th

All meetings held at 6 pm at the Recreational Center.

The LJTC Board of Directors is responsible for running the tennis club as a non-profit service to the membership and the community of San Diego. The BOD usually meets on the second Tuesday of every other month at the Recreational Center at 6 p.m. Members are always invited to attend. The minutes of all meetings are approved at the following meeting.

Any member interested in serving on the BOD may collect signatures of 10 other members and petition the BOD to run for election to the board in a December election when openings exist.   All members interested in serving on or understanding the work of the BOD are invited to consult the LJTC bylaws available below or to talk to any current or past Board member.

Financial reports available upon request.

President: Charlie Hein

Vice President: Terri Bourne

Treasurer: Neda Mesri

Secretary: Tatiana Tekerian

Directors: Iraj Aalam, Alex Brown, Pete Maynard, Albert Nguyen and Ralph Temple