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105th Annual Tennis Championship Registration Open Now!

Closes June 16th

The La Jolla Tennis Club is host to the Annual La Jolla Tennis Championships which routinely attracts over 1,000 top players from Southern California and Arizona. The La Jolla Tennis Club has hosted the La Jolla Championships every year since 1917 which gives this tournament the distinction of being the longest running tennis tournament continually held at the same venue in the world.

2021 Schedule of Events

105th Annual La Jolla Tennis Championships

June 18 – July 4

Open: June 25-27 & July 3, 4

Senior: June 26-27 & July 2-4

Father/Son: June 26-27 & July 2-4

Super Senior (65-85): June 29-July 1 & July 3, 4

N.T.R.P.: June 18-20 & June 26, 27

Family (M/D, M/S, F/D, H/W): June 28 – July 2

Tournament Director:  Ronnie Marquez

Phone: 6195713583

104th Annual La Jolla Tennis Championship Results!